Alfonso Calvillo
Alfonso Calvillo
25 years at Gerawan Farming.
Sister Lucy
Sister Lucy
Every child deserves a chance.
Martha Medrano
Martha Medrano
A Bright Future.
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz
A company of opportunities.
Edgardo Gomez
Edgardo Gomez
Encouraging achievement.

Working Conditions

Compliance. Gerawan Farming's compliance standards always exceed regulatory requirements. In fact, in the last eighteen years, with millions of man-hours worked, only four complaints were filed with Cal-OSHA, and all four were proven to be unfounded. 

Safety: Our Safety Team takes immediate action to eliminate any potential safety hazards. This helps us achieve what our workers' comp provider tells us is the safest work environment in our industry.

Water: Besides ice-cold water, in the afternoons on summer days, we deliver cold sports drinks to field employees even though this is not required by law and other employers do not do this. In fact, in 2012 we spent over $100,000 on sports drinks.

Cleanliness: We maintain a high level of cleanliness in our orchards, facilities, and restrooms. Our employees have praised Gerawan Farming for having the best sanitation.


Gerawan Farming sets the standard for higher wages. Our reputation is that we always exceed industry average wages and are the first to increase wages. Employees tell us that one of the many reasons they enjoy working at Gerawan Farming is because we pay the highest wages.

In 2016, $10.00 per hour was the minimum wage and was known to be the normal industry wage in our area. However, there are no industry conducted surveys that we could find that accurately reflect that fact. So, we included two surveys for the same year that seem to be closest to reality.

Gerawan employees who...

Gerawan Average


FRESNO COUNTY2 (Mean Hourly Rate)

Only packed grapes (piecework)


Only picked grapes (piecework)




All field labor hourly base rate


1 Represents the May 2016 BLS Occupational Employment Statistics data for our metropolitan and nonmetropolitan area (Fresno). Link here:

2 Represents wage data for Fresno County, California provided by the state’s Employment Development Department - Labor Market Information Division for 2016 1st Quarter. Link here:

* Represents the Mean Hourly Wage.

CFFA is the California Fresh Fruit Association and FELS survey results *Fresno County 2015 averages are currently not available. The $9.29 is an estimated 2015 average based on Fresno County's projection of a 1.2% increase found in their Economic Forecast report found here.

In addition to our high wages, eligible employees receive annual bonuses and other benefits uncommon in our industry. Over the last fourteen years, thousands of Gerawan employees who work at least 1,200 hours during the year have received millions of dollars in retirement and vacation pay.

Furthermore, to harness our employees' purchasing power, we constantly develop partnerships with local and national merchants to provide Gerawan employees with the benefit of exclusive discounts on everyday products and services.


Gerawan Farming initiated a partnership with Fresno Pacific University to provide intensive English classes to employees. Though many employees want to learn English, they are not always able to fit classes into their schedule. So, Gerawan Farming invested $100,000 to provide the facility, teachers, books, computers, and iPads for each student. We also paid the employees to attend the classes, so they had no loss of income while learning English.

We provide formal training to employees that seek a leadership or technical position (e.g., tractor driver, equipment operator, forklift operator, supervisor, manager, etc.). Supervisors and managers are well trained in CPR, safety, labor practices, anti-harassment, leadership, customer service, etc.

Tuition Aid

Gerawan has paid over $900,000 the last sixteen years for employees' children to attend private Catholic school if they wish. This opportunity is offered to all employees.

We offer student loans to employees with potential who want to pursue a higher education. For example, one employee who started as a farmworker with us is currently enrolled at Cal Poly pursuing a degree in engineering. Gerawan provided him with a student loan with no requirement to pay it back if the employee continues his career with Gerawan.

Workers' Compensation

We provide transportation to and from workers' compensation appointments, interpreters, and we compensate employees for their time while attending the appointments.

We have a friendly return-to-work program for employees who have a work injury or illness. We gladly accommodate any temporary physical restriction recommended by the physician during recovery.

If the physician recommends time off due to a work injury or illness, Gerawan Farming may offer to continue the employee's full salary for that period to ease any financial hardship on the employee.

Open Door Policy

We are known for our culture of professionalism, fairness, and respect. There are multiple channels for employees to communicate suggestions and complaints, and we take an active approach to make sure employees know their rights. We listen, investigate thoroughly and quickly, and then act on what our employees tell us. Managers are readily available to meet with employees to discuss any issue or concern.

The company's owners are also part of the management team and readily accessible to employees. The company's president is fluent in Spanish and is in direct contact with employees at all levels.

Employee Advancement

Most of our supervisors and managers have been promoted from general labor positions.We actively seek career opportunities for high-potential employees to increase the employee's chances of a brighter future.


  • Historic Farmland Easement. Last year Gerawan Farming voluntarily placed over 9,000 acres of actively farmed land into a permanent agricultural conservation easement. This created a legal commitment to keep the land in agriculture forever. This historic easement is the largest of its kind in the state.
  • Employee Outreach. Gerawan Farming has a long-standing philosophy of reaching out to its workers and the farm worker community in general. Our "Conozca Sus Derechos" public service announcements appeared in print, radio, and TV to advise farmworkers on labor-related topics and services available to the community.
  • We participate in networking events and career fairs at universities to help students to broaden their understanding of the labor market.
  • We offer tours to academic institutions and their students to help them with their educational goals.
  • Our executives guest lecture at university classes.
  • We support law enforcement by frequently loaning our facilities for training.
  • We support fire fighters by donating training facilities.
  • We sponsor community events such as the Reedley's Fourth of July celebrations and Festival de la Fruta.
  • We frequently donate to local charities and churches.
  • Not only do we rely on the natural energy of the sun to produce sweet juicy peaches, two solar energy farms provide most of the electricity needed to pack them as well.