Our juicy, blemish-free peaches, plums, and nectarines are truly a team effort: the result of Ray's focused farming practices, Dan's passion for quality control and Mike's quest for perfect fruit. It all comes together at Gerawan Farming, where we pack only the fruit we grow in our own orchards, giving us precise control over every aspect of quality. That’s why Gerawan Farming stands apart in an industry that values quantity over quality. Every box we pack comes from trees we planted and crops we raised ourselves, making our Prima® brand known around the world for its quality and consistency.


Providing consistently high-quality fruit is virtually impossible for most shippers, who sell fruit from a wide range of different growers. At Gerawan Farming, we pack up to 100,000 boxes a day of premium quality fruit, all grown by us in our own large orchards, and packed according to our own meticulous quality control protocols. Count on Gerawan Farming to provide incredible consistency, giving you the variety and size you specify load after load, box after box, fruit after fruit.