Fruit Grown With Love

The Growing Power Of One

Unmatched Consistency & Unrivaled Quality

Bringing together over 150 combined years of expertise and passion from two of the fruit industry’s leading family farms, Prima® Wawona offers the largest most diversified selection of conventional and organic stone fruit in North America. We are dedicated to setting the standard for what premium quality should be so that you can experience what it means to take a bite out of unmatched excellence.

The Prima® Promise

Growing The Freshest, Juiciest & Tastiest Fruits

Fresh-picked fruit from our orchards is always at it’s peak of juiciness and flavor because we put quality first. Each stone fruit is grown, nurtured, hand-picked, and hand-packed exactly the same. From planting to hand-picking, we strive for perfection in every operation so you can trust that when you pick up a piece of Prima®, you’re enjoying premium quality fruits that are brought to you at the perfect time. That’s the Prima® promise.

Look For Our Sticker

We put our name on every piece of fruit so it’s easy to pick the best of the bunch.

Ripe & Ready To Eat

When your piece of fruit is slightly soft to the touch & rich in color, that’s when you know it’s ripe & ready!

Try Them All

Prima® stone fruit varieties include peaches, plums, nectarines & apricots

A Taste Of California

All our fruits are grown, picked, packed & shipped from the heart of California.

Central Valley California Roots

From April through October, you can enjoy fresh, juicy & tasty peaches, plums, nectarines & apricots that are grown with love and unwavering quality from the heart of California.

Covering The Most Ground

15,000 Acres Of Orchards

Spanning over 15,000 acres, our orchards produce 5x more peaches than the entire state of Georgia! Since we cover A LOT of ground, we have sustainable irrigation practices, over 10 acres of solar panels, natural pest control methods, and reduced energy practices because we are passionate about bringing you outstanding quality through every step of our process.

How We Do It