Our Seasonal Practices

Setting The Industry Standard

World-Class Orchard & Post-Harvest Teams

Our two farm families have over 150 combined years of experience growing stone fruits, so it’s safe to say that we have some fruit juice coursing through our veins. Prima® Wawona is home to world-class orchard and post-harvest teams that bring you peaches, plums, nectarines & apricots with unprecedented flavor & grown with the highest quality standards in the business.

Our 5 Main Procedures

Our team works year-round to maintain our crops so we can bring you the largest & most diversified selection of conventional and organic stone fruit in North America.

Here’s a rundown of our five main procedures throughout the year:

Seasonal Harvest

Early Season Through Late Season Picking

Harvest can take anywhere from a few days to over 6 weeks, depending on variety. Generally speaking, early season harvest lasts for a week or two, while late season fruit might pick for a period of 4-6 weeks. Harvesting fruit at peak ripeness can mean many picks or passes on the same tree. It is not uncommon to pick the tree every other day or every 3rd day for over a month.

Picked To Perfection

Our harvest crews are trained to recognize optimal size, color & firmness.

Handled With Care

Fruits are hand-picked & placed in protective totes to help minimize bruising & blemishes.

Picking & Packing

Prima® stone fruits are hand-packed by our team members with an eye on perfection.

Ready To Enjoy

Prima® fruits are picked at their peak of ripeness so they’re ready for you to eat.

Pre-Harvest Color Pruning

We remove non-fruiting wood and other long shoots prior to harvest to prevent trees from producing too much shade. Sunlight helps the fruit reach optimal color and maturity. Leaf pulling on hard-to-color varieties also helps to ensure an even complexion on all sides of the fruit.

Post-Harvest Summer Pruning

We remove non-fruiting wood and excess vegetation during late summer & early fall. This is done late enough in the year that the trees won’t experience re-growth of vegetation, but also early enough to harvest sunlight that will land on and affect the newer growth.

Spring Fruit Thinning

Preparing Our Trees For Fruits

Fruit thinning is the process of removing excess fruit from the tree. This is done while fruit is still small (about the size of a walnut), but big enough to see differentiation among the pieces. We remove the smaller fruit & any defective or malformed pieces while leaving relatively uniform spaces between the remaining fruit so they have ample room to grow.

Fruit Count Per Tree

Our desired range for total fruit count per tree is based on age of tree, variety, historical knowledge & soil type.

Good To The Core

Fruit thinning helps trees channel their energy into fully hardening the pit & growing delicious stone fruits.

All Hands On Deck

Fruit thinning is our most tedious task and requires many skilled hands working precisely and rapidly.

Room To Grow

By leaving uniform spaces between the fruit, they have ample space to grow and develop.

Winter Dormant Tree Pruning

Once the leaves have fallen and a tree’s structure is fully visible, we begin our dormant pruning. This involves removing all non-fruiting wood and removing fruiting wood based on size, appearance, health, position on the tree, and desired quantity to prepare for the next crop.

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