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Available: May 11 — September 14

  • Early season Prima® Peach Series peaches are fully formed, smooth, and round with a uniform suture and fully developed cheeks and shoulders.
  • Mid- and late-season peach sizes run large and feel like cantaloupes in the palm of your hand.
  • It’s common to see the industry’s peaches misshapen, rough-textured, and green, immature fruit. This is because they harvest too early to get a jumpstart on the market, or to avoid the need to handle mature fruit in a costly, delicate manner. The result is dry, mealy, “dead looking” peaches.
  • Our Prima® Peach Series peaches are never harvested before they’re fully mature. They look alive, bright, beautiful with intense color.
  • Because they’re all grown in our own enormous orchards, the result is pallet after pallet, and box after box of consistently beautiful, clean, mouth-watering peaches.
  • Prima® Peach Series peaches have the perfect blend of yellow and bright red-orange peach blush with a yellow-orange background color.
  • Mid-to late-season peaches have ultra-high consistent color, because only the perfectly colored, most mature fruit is hand-selected by our harvest crews.
  • Our peaches are bright; never dull or aged-looking. They have a soft, smooth skin and are blemish-free.
  • When sliced, a moist and fleshy texture is revealed. This is the result of proprietary post-harvest handling techniques designed to completely avoid the conditions that cause the mealiness that is so common in industry-standard peaches.
  • Our Prima® Peach Series peaches cut with a traditional yellow flesh color that varies from a fresh yellow center to an intense yellow-orange flesh color. Occasionally, flesh color bears a fiery red center extending from the core.
  • Since our fruit is always bucket-harvested, bruising is non-existent and fruit is colorful, bright and blemish-free.
  • It’s common for industry peaches to show abrasion or staining defects (inking) directly related to bulk bin harvest practices or hydrocooling. We never use bulk bins or hydrocooling.
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