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Available: May 18 — September 14

  • Early, mid, and late varieties which start late May and finish late September.
  • The Prima® Diamond Nectarine Series are exclusive Gerawan varieties developed for flavor.
  • Smooth skin and fully defined cheeks and shoulders.
  • High soluble solids (sugar).
  • Early season fruit has bright red with yellow-orange background color.
  • An intense cherry-red to a deep red blush is characteristic of our mid- and late-season fruit.
  • Skin is naturally lustrous and blemish-free.
  • Traditional yellow flesh color that varies from medium yellow center to an intense yellow-orange flesh color.
  • Occasionally, flesh has some medium red color extending from the center.
  • When the fruit is ready, we harvest every day without skipping any days. We’ll harvest a tree as many as ten times! We select only the ripest fruit. To save costs, the industry typically harvests only two or three times and skips days between harvest. That’s why you’ll often see a wide range of maturity in other packers’ boxes.
Diamond Nectarine
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