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A Family Farm

Our family began farming in the late 1930s. Ray Gerawan continued the tradition when he expanded with a 40-acre peach orchard in the late 1950s. Prima brand peaches, plums, and nectarines are still grown exclusively by us in California's San Joaquin Valley. Every peach we sell comes from trees we planted and crops we raised ourselves.

Ray and his sons Mike and Dan work from sun up to sundown to provide the sweetest and best tasting fruit in the world. Our fruit is still picked and packed by hand and harvested only when the fruit is sweetest. It's truly a team effort, with Ray's focused farming practices, Dan's passion for quality control and Mike's quest for perfect fruit.

The Prima Gattie Peach

The Prima® brand 'Prima Gattie' variety is the family's crowning achievement. A late-season variety, the "Prima Gattie" takes all summer to develop its trademark sweet, crisp flavor and colossal size.

  • Frequent Harvesting = Fabulous Fruit

    To cut costs, most growers strip harvest their orchards, picking each tree just 2 or 3 times during the season. But we pick our orchards 8 to 10 times per season, because harvesting more often results in sweeter fruit.

  • Buckets, Not Bins

    Many peach growers harvest into 1,000-pound bulk bins, which causes bruises and blemishes. Our Prima fruit never touches a bin. We carefully harvest and pack from small buckets. The result is peaches that are cleaner, brighter, and practically blemish-free.

  • Hand-Packed For Quality

    We hand-pack our fruit right next to the orchard where it was grown. Each peach is evaluated by expert packers who stand by the quality of everybox by affixing their photo to it. They're highly-trained, well-paid experts often earning up to $15 per hour, far above the industry aver-age. Then again, so is our fruit.